The Process


When a customer brings in an item of value, they have the option to sell it outright or pawn it. 


When you sell merchandise you give up legal ownership of it in exchange for cash. After selling an item it is the property of Cash USA, and there is no way to get it back unless you buy it at retail value.


When you pawn merchandise you enter a legally binding agreement with Cash USA. The agreement states that we will hold your item for 30 days without attempting to sell it. During this 30 day period you have the option to extend your pawn for an additional 30 days, or paying the pawn amount plus interest and get your items back. 


You only have two options as far as payment: paying the interest and extending it for 30 more days, or paying the pawn amount plus interest and getting your merchandise back.  Unfortunately we DO NOT accept partial payments; you HAVE to at least pay the interest in order to avoid being in danger of losing your items. 

What if i'm late?

If you are late then technically whatever you pawn is the property of Cash USA. We have the right to sell your merchandise on the 31st day. In this situation the best thing to do is to contact us and let us know what your situation is and if you plan on retrieving your merchandise. If you do this we will be lenient and hold your stuff, but your loan amount will continue to accrue interest. If you do make a payment after you're late, you MUST AT LEAST pay the set monthly interest charge PLUS any additional interest charges in order to bring your loan payment up to date.


Call (410) 669-CASH (2274) if you have any additional questions regarding pawns