Randall McClure

general MANAGER

As general manager, its Randall's job to make sure everything coming in and out is priced accurately. His goal is to find a medium of happy customers and a profitable business. If you're looking for the best deal in the store, this is the guy to talk to.

 Tony Abramov


This is a man who only has one thing on his mind: making sure Cash USA is as successful as possible. He isn't one of those general managers that sit behind a desk and files paperwork; Tony is willing to do anything he must in order to maintain the store, even if it means getting his hands dirty.

 Paul Austin


Paul has been with the pawn shop since our doors opened in the early 90's. He always makes it a point to take care of his customers, and over time has become one of the faces of the store. When customers think of Cash USA, they think of Paul Austin.