Cash USA is a string of pawn shops that specialize as discount electronic stores. We carry the TOP BRANDS in electronics: Sony, Samsung, Apple, Toshiba, Panasonic, Microsoft, LG, and many more! Here at Cash USA we don't take in all the electronics that comes into the store. We ONLY take in what we would buy ourselves! All of our products are QUALITY assured. Customers can have peace of mind by knowing that we offer a 14 Day return policy for any defective electronics. We carry merchandise for most categories: televisions, laptops, cell phones, tablets, speakers, receivers, video games, car radios, and so much more! You will find deals on your favorite brands that you won't find anywhere else. (Even on the internet!)

If you haven't shopped at pawn shops before, then let me explain to you how it works. We buy and pawn merchandise everyday and they are held for 30+ days before we are allowed to sell them. Other than the essentials, we don't carry large quantities of the same item. If you want to be a good "Pawn Shopper", then check the store frequently for new merchandise and reduced pricing.

Here are examples of what you will find in Cash USA